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From private patient consultations to health service management, we provide solutions to the major streams of healthcare provision.

Our Services

Abicare Health aims to provide an extended range of community primary healthcare services to people of all ages. We tailor our service to meeting the needs of the service users.

We have multiple roles available. Whether you’re looking for Nurse opportunities, RMO, OOH GP, Locum GP and much more. Find the role perfect for you.

We provide  Sponsorship for medical officers and registered nurses. Learn about the processes and information about how life would be for you in the UK.

A friendlier healthcare experience

You can schedule same- or next-day appointments that start on time.

Get Virtual Care

Get Virtual Care -We offer patients the ability to get treated remotely for a range of conditions. Using the link below, you will be connected with your clinician.

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Book Location Visits

We currently offer location visits in the Manchester area for your health needs ‘go to our Riva health website to book an appointment’

A patient focused healthcare company.

Offering private patient care, we offer appointment and services to patient attending holistically to their health needs via Riva Health, also offering Covid Tests.

We are CQC registered with top healthcare standards, we have contracts in the Northwest of England aligning our provisions to our providers.

We help to manage staffing ensuring uninterrupted and cost effective solutions to short and long term staffing needs from clients.

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