Covid-19 Test To Release

For Travellers Returning To The UK only


Reduce your travel self-isolation period

Reduce your travel self-isolation period with the UK government Test-to-Release programme

If you are returning to the UK from a country not on the government’s travel corridor list, you will need to self-isolate and not leave your home for a full 10 days. You can now reduce that time by taking a test from an approved provider.

Weekends – if your day 5 test date falls on a weekend, we would only advise you attend in person or use our home visit collection service. We DO NOT ADVISE you taking the postage option as you may not get the results in time to reduce your self-isolation. Of course, for peace of mind you may still wish to take a test.

How does Test-to-Release work?

24 hours before the end of your trip: Check whether the country you are returning from is on the government travel corridor list. This list changes frequently and without notice. If your country is not on the list, order your test-to-release test from Abicare health Solution

Arrive: in England from a country not on the corridor list. Go straight to the place you plan to self-isolate. Start self-isolating according to the UK government’s instructions.

Fill in the government passenger locator form

Day 5 (the count starts from zero the day you leave the origin country so if you arrive the same day you left, that is day zero and the next day is day 1): 

For Home visit/ Site Visit option–  Book your test for Day 5. You will get your result on Day 6.

For Courier option: Book your test will and we will send it on day 3. You should receive your test kit on day 4/5, we are not allowed to send to you any sooner. Take your test on day 5 and drop in the post immediately.

Day 6 – 7: your test arrives at the laboratory . Day 7 to 8: Get your results.

If negative, you are to end self-isolation. If the result is positive you must remain in isolation for another 10 days (this count starts the day you took the test). People you are living with or staying with should also self-isolate for the extra 10 days regardless of their results. Follow Riva Health Covid 19 guide for test to release timelines.

Get tested in our Manchester site for just £100

If possible, we recommend attending our site. The samples taken here are taken to our labs and results are usually available either same day or next day.

Please order home testing kits if you are displaying Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms as you will be denied access to the clinic.

To make a booking please book an appointment online or contact our booking line.

0161 5182999

Book Your COVID Test

For more flexible booking times, call us on 0161 5182999 to discuss

covid-19 questions?

FAQ about Government Test-to-Release.

If you do not have a negative covid-19 test result you will have to self-isolate for 10 days. When you are self-isolating you cannot leave your home for any reason. You will have to arrange deliveries for everything you need.

Under the government’s Test-to-Release programme you can on the fifth day after leaving the quarantine country (that is, not on the government’s travel corridor list) take a covid-19 test. If you get a negative result then you no longer have to self-isolate.


You need to wait five days from leaving a quarantine country before taking your sample for Test-to-Release.  In person Test-To-Release tests will be available Monday to Sunday.  You may leave your house to post your test or to travel directly to and from the testing site. You should follow safer travel guidance and avoid public transport if possible.

You can only end self-isolation once you’ve received a negative covid-19 test result. Until you receive your result, you need to self-isolate.

Test-to-Release only applies to England. Scotland and Wales, as devolved nations, will make their own arrangements.

If you are returning to England from one of the government’s travel corridor countries, you do not need to isolate. To find out if you are travelling from a travel corridor country, please check the list on It changes frequently and without notice, so check it immediately before you travel.

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