Discounted Day 2 &8 Services

Please read:

These discounted services are designed for those that are strained financially and have essential reasons to travel. To offer a high-quality service and considering the limitations of our system, we aim to process a maximum of 75 kits daily through this system. This is controlled by our appointment system. If your suitable appointment is not available, consider checking back next day.

We keep record of sales made through this service and this will be made available to the Department of Health on request.
You will get your booking confirmation ID within 5 minutes of booking. To prevent missing out on our communication, please add to your address book or whitelist our domain

Discounted Day 2 & Day 8 Services

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Please Note:

Abicare’s Covid service is an applicant body with UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) for private covid testing (ref:22402) and compliant with the DHSC timeline. Our Covid service is not under the regulation of Care Quality Commission (CQC).